About Terry

I’ve been fortunate to work in a very wide variety of organisations, both large and small, in many different industries including (in alphabetical order):

  • banking & finance
  • broadcasting
  • business software companies
  • education
  • engineering including automotive
  • government and public service
  • information technology
  • insurance
  • oil and gas supply
  • pharmaceuticals
  • telecommunications
  • and others

After Hours

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends; playing and singing music of many kinds; and walking in the countryside.

In Gratitude

I am very grateful for being all of the following:

Author; Advisor
Broadcaster; Brother;
Catalyst; Coach; Communicator; Co-ordinator; Consultant
Dad; Designer; Developer
Enabler; Engineer; Enthusiast
Facilitator; Father; Friend
German speaker; Gregarious
Illustrator; Information scientist
Journalist in the making
Knowledge worker
Lecturer; Linguist
Manager; Mediator; Methodical; Musician
Nephew; Networker; Nice guy! ;-)
Optimist; Organiser
Persistent; Presenter; Professional
Qualified *
Son; Speaker; Student
Teacher; Tenacious; Thorough; Trainer; Troubleshooter
Victorious in many different undertakings
Walker; World citizen
Xenophile (where ‘foreign’ becomes ‘familiar’)
Young at heart
Zealous in my desire for world peace through peaceful means.

* Qualifications and Awards

  • BSc (Hons) Industrial Engineering
  • MSc Information Science
  • Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
  • German language studied to postgraduate level
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Coaching certificates from The Coaching Academy and Noble Manhattan
  • Graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University
  • Music studied at university level; passed various Associated Board examinations

Business and Professional Memberships

EPEnvironmental Population
FSBFederation of Small Businesses
IoDInstitute of Directors
ISTCInstitute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
PCGProfessional Contractors Group
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