Summer Sale – Ended

My Summer Sale has ended!

The Sale included:

my Rapid Business Rescue Remedy my Mentoring my ‘done for you’ writing of marketing messages – website text, emails, sales letters, etc

All of the above products and services are still available, at great prices.

Word Of The Week: Odious

Two words for the price of one this week.

Odious (

deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable. highly offensive; repugnant; disgusting.


abominable, objectionable, despicable, execrable. See hateful. loathsome, repellent, repulsive.

Our delightful second daughter is really into history at the moment. Recently, she has taken to carrying a huge history book to school with . . . → Read More: Word Of The Week: Odious

CV Update 30 March 2010

I’m just coming to the end of a three-month assignment with the Financial Services Authority (FSA), where I’ve helped kick off a security awareness campaign. This called for my tact and diplomacy and skills as a mediator, as well as my writing and project management abilities.

I provided input to promotional materials and a security . . . → Read More: CV Update 30 March 2010

Challenge #7: Not Knowing How Best To Structure Your Communications

… or not even realising that structure is important!

Let’s expand on the cookery book example mentioned previously. We’ve already realised that the ‘how-to’ information given for each receipe should be in a certain order, so that the food is prepared well.

Most people would also realise that the receipes in the cookery book would . . . → Read More: Challenge #7: Not Knowing How Best To Structure Your Communications