Challenge #1: Not Realising That YOU Are In The Information Publishing Business

Yes, YOU there! Up until this moment you have probably thought of yourself as a specialist in your field and you have even realised, since you aim to market yourself and your business, that you are a business owner. Which is fine, as far as it goes.

However, if you focus solely on promoting your existing products/services as you have done up to now, you are relying on only one income stream. Not only that – you are missing out on many other ways of marketing yourself.

“But what’s all this about Information Publishing?” You say. “Aren’t I already overstretched, trying to promote my business and getting nowhere fast? How can I possibly find the time to run a second business like that? And why do you suggest publishing, of all things? Isn’t publishing a highly risky venture anyway, requiring stacks of capital?”

“Oh I get it – you’re trying to tell me that I should write books and get them published. Well I must admit that the thought of becoming a published author does sound exciting! But me? A writer? Come on! I haven’t written much for years, not since I left school. Even then, I was never any good at writing essays.”

Solution: Create and market great information products

Realise that EVERY flourishing Small Business is ALSO an Information Publishing business. Every one – without exception. Do you really think that every successful business owner is a Dickens, Shakespeare or Wordsworth? Of course not! Yet they find a way to write and publish their books, reports, training courses and marketing literature.

Of course you may be tempted to delegate the whole job to a professional writer – if you have the budget! These people can be highly expensive. And would they really understand your business well enough to write about it?

You will be relieved to discover that there are quick, easy-to-learn, cost-effective ways of getting high-quality publications together yourself. Alternatively, there are amazingly low-cost resources that you can draw on – if you know where to look.

The best way to learn the whole process is from a good coach – then you’ll know what and when to delegate, who you can trust with the work, and how to get everything the way you want it. This can make all the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Here’s the best thing about it – once you have information products that you can sell, you have a passive income stream. When set up properly, you won’t need to spend any more of your time on it, apart from a little maintenance now and then. That income stream will keep on flowing in steadily through the rollercoaster ups and downs of the income from your small business. And if you write a book, you get instant ‘street cred’. Now does that sound attractive, or what?! £ $ € J

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