Challenge #2: Undervaluing Yourself

“That’s all very well for you to say Terry”, you may say, “but what would anybody want to learn from me? I don’t have all your qualifications and awards and such!”

Let me remind you of the ‘Acres of Diamonds’ story. The essence of the story is that a farmer leaves his farm and goes off to seek his fortune. But instead of getting rich, he becomes poorer and dies penniless. Then the man who buys his farm finds diamonds on the land. The original farmer had not realised the wealth that lay literally beneath his feet.

A much earlier Buddhist story tells of a rich man and his poorer guest. The wealthy man, wanting to help his guest, sews a precious jewel in lining of the poor man’s robe, without telling him. But since this poor man does not realise that the jewel is there he travels far and wide, always suffering in terrible poverty. One day the two men meet again and the rich man asks the poor man what happened. It is only then that the poor man learns that he has had the precious jewel all along.

Do you want to remain ‘poor’, like the farmer in the first story or the guest in the second? Or would you rather be the ‘rich man’ (in whatever sense you wish to be ‘rich’)?

Solution: Realise that you are a mine of valuable information

Realise that you are a mine of information that can be really valuable to your clients. But your knowledge and experience is not benefiting them while it’s stuck inside your head! And there are only so many people that you can talk to face to face – however good you get at public speaking.

And it doesn’t stop there. Also realise that, right now, you have access to all the knowledge and experience in the world – if only you know where to look and how to get hold of this vast wealth.

What would you give to be able to talk over your plans and aspirations with an information specialist, someone who has built a career based on his ability to create information products? Someone who also cares enough to help you along the way?

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