Challenge #3: Trying To Be All Things To All People

Ask yourself – are you trying to be all things to all people? I know you are probably doing this with good intentions, such as you don’t like to let anybody down and you want to help everyone you can.

Admit it though, another reason for trying to be all things to all people is that you are frightened you won’t have enough work, that nobody will want you if you are too ‘fussy’ in ‘picking and choosing’ your clients.

But how can anyone trust that you know enough about their needs to do the work they specifically require when you are trying to satisfy everybody all the time?

If you dissipate your efforts like this, you are sending out a very weak marketing message that does not address any particular customer “pain” – that is, a problem perceived by your prospective customers to be a burning issue – one they must fix.

Solution: Get a niche!

Identify a tightly-defined market niche that you are able to satisfy – one that really interests you.

Become the expert in one business area and over-deliver in that area!

You can contact an information marketing specialist for help, guidance and support in finding your own cash-rich niche.

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