Challenge #8: Not Getting Greatest Results From Readily Available Resources

Not knowing how to get the greatest results from resources that are readily available to you can either lead to not using all your resources, or to using them inappropriately.

For example:

  • Being both pound and penny foolish – not knowing where to spend money to greatest effect and where to save it
  • Time flies – not knowing how to get things done in the shortest possible time.

These are just two of the resource types that you, as a business owner, have available. Do you know that there are eight resource types at your disposal – both inside and outside your business?

Solution: Fully appreciate and utilise all resources available

Realise just how many resources you have available to you now and work out, based on this new understanding, how your future business will be different.

Here are some more marketing resource issues and their solutions:


My students often ask me for advice on how they can best use their many resources. I educate them, for example, about 48 different ways to get their marketing message across.

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