First Consultancy-Profits Workshop Success

The first Consultancy-Profits™ Business Workshop, held last Thursday 14. July, was a great success. We had wonderful time, people enjoyed participating - and over a quarter of the attendees signed up for my mentoring!

I had set myself a big challenge to get the Workshop together within two weeks, from a standing start. To do this, I took the following quick-fire action:

  • Liaised with a suitable venue
  • Booked the room for the Workshop (thus committing myself to a specific date)
  • Wrote the marketing message from scratch
  • Promoted the Workshop by email and by business networking to prospective clients - this activity was quite limited, due to the short time available
  • Added new material to, advertising the Workshop
  • Installed and set up events booking software on this site
  • Encouraged the venue management to mail details to their customers
  • Liaised with everyone showing an interest and gave further details
  • Prepared the Workshop from scratch, including my presentation and all handouts
  • Made sure that I had all the equipment and materials I needed
  • Also ensured that I did the necessary preparation and followed up afterwards.

The reason I'm writing all this is to show you what I can teach you and what you can achieve ... if your heart is in it and you put your mind to it!

You can find further details about my Workshop here

You may also find inspiration in my previous article on taking minutes off meetings.


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