Future How-To Letters

In my blog posts, I aim to provide you with valuable information that can greatly benefit you – whether you want to know how to save money, make money, save time, make time, or in general, how to have fun while participating in, or contributing to, local community events.

Once I have a number of blog posts written, I publish these in the form of a newsletter.

Please let me know how best to send you this newsletter. The easiest, most environmentally friendly way would be for you to subscribe to my email newsletter – you can sign up here on my blog at lead-sell-profit.com.

Alternatively, you might prefer traditional (printed) post – for example, if you do not have easy access to email or to the internet. Let me know and I’ll have a copy sent to you.

If you subscribe to my newsletter (email or printed) and you later decide that you’d rather not receive them, just say so – and I’ll take you off my list.

Thank you for reading this blog – I would greatly appreciate your feedback. And I look forward to meeting you in person.

Warmest wishes,


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