Life-Work Balance #01

I’ve been having another very busy day today, spending part of the time with our young children and part of the time on business. This is in one sense easy to do when working from home, but in other ways it’s trickier – as the boundaries are not so easily defined. Nevertheless, I have had some successes today.

This morning, I took our youngest to his first play group just down the road from where we live. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Earlier this evening, I collected our second daughter from school on her return from her first trip to London. She was over the moon. This evening, both our girls had their swimming lessons, while both our boys were tucked up in bed after a tiring day. Our new au pair is a star – she’s settled in well and is already making a very useful contribution to family life.

During the day, I was able to focus on researching, then ordering, a new laptop. My existing laptop is getting old and ‘tired’ and needs a thorough overhaul and upgrade. The reality is though that I’m unlikely to find the time or inclination to tinker with it. So after removing the data, I’ll pass it on to an enthusiast.

Another of my business achievements today was finally to decide on the CRM system that I intend to use from now on. This decision involved a host of related considerations: for example, whether to use LAN-based software or a web application; how to carry out data migration, data entry and data maintenance; who else would be involved; what processes to set up and the best way to do this; how to keep it simple but still effective; …

The day has flown by and it’s certainly time that I stopped working now.

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