Our Latest: What’s The Marsh Family Up To?

We have lived in North Hertfordshire for over eight years now. During this time, our family has grown in size and now there are six of us: our four children, my wife and myself. This brings both joys and challenges!

One of my major goals for 2011 is to spend much more time with my family. The question is, how to achieve this while staying solvent? For me, the answer comes in two parts.

Firstly I can ensure that,wherever I’m working, I can get to see my family each weekend. That is, although my current way of working often takes me away from home during the week, I can endeavour to be with my family on Saturdays and Sundays. This is something I can do immediately.

Secondly, I plan to focus my future face-to-face business activities (that is, where I actually meet people) on North Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. This might take a while to achieve (that is, to generate new business alongside my existing business) but it is something that I can start working on from today. Right now.

And thirdly, I’m fortunate that my business can be adapted to help far more people further afield, by using modern technology (for example, the internet). In subsequent articles, I’ll share with you some of my ideas about how to do this.

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