P.S. To Smartphone Story

You may recall how an "Uncaught Java Exception" (aka error) on my WildFruit smartphone caused me considerable concern recently. After removing the battery to reset the phone, the back cover of my WildFruit would no longer fasten on properly, necessitating a replacement.

This afternoon, over one week later and after much phoning, I took delivery of my replacement WildFruit. In the end, the greatest 'challenge' was not with my mobile network provider DJB Mobile (who were very helpful), but rather with their chosen courier service - let's call them the Joined Bundle Facility (JBF for short).

The JBF courier had turned up unannounced at my home address last week, when nobody was there. To their credit, JBF returned the next day - to be greeted on the doorstep by our entire family, with a true Marsh-ian welcome. Those of you with young children will know what I mean. It was most unfortunate that I was unable to exchange the phone there and then, because I had not yet deleted all my contact records in the WildFruit's memory. At that point, did not know how to do this.

Once I had learned how to delete all personal data from the WildFruit (easy once you know how), I was then able to rearrange the smartphone exchange for Wednesday, at my client's office. I asked at what time on Wednesday I might expect the JBF courier - I was told that it could be at any time and that they could not be more specific. As you might guess, Wednesday came and went, as did Thursday (after more phone calls), as did this (Friday) morning. This lunchtime, I once again phoned JBF and was told that the package was being returned to DJB Mobile. When I asked JBF why they hadn't delivered the package, they were unable to tell me.

To cut a long story somewhat shorter, I eventually managed to talk to another JBF person, who was more helpful and did take action. They arranged for re-delivery at my client's office this afternoon - and this actually happened. So now, after further discussion with a very helpful DJB Mobile support person who reinstated my WildFruit email service, I have a fully functioning smartphone once more. Horray!  :-)

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