Word Of The Week: Odious

Two words for the price of one this week.

Odious (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/odious)

deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable. highly offensive; repugnant; disgusting.


abominable, objectionable, despicable, execrable. See hateful. loathsome, repellent, repulsive.

Our delightful second daughter is really into history at the moment. Recently, she has taken to carrying a huge history book to school with . . . → Read More: Word Of The Week: Odious

Our Latest: What’s The Marsh Family Up To?

We have lived in North Hertfordshire for over eight years now. During this time, our family has grown in size and now there are six of us: our four children, my wife and myself. This brings both joys and challenges!

One of my major goals for 2011 is to spend much more time with my . . . → Read More: Our Latest: What’s The Marsh Family Up To?

Life-Work Balance #01

I’ve been having another very busy day today, spending part of the time with our young children and part of the time on business. This is in one sense easy to do when working from home, but in other ways it’s trickier – as the boundaries are not so easily defined. Nevertheless, I have had . . . → Read More: Life-Work Balance #01

P.S. To Smartphone Story

You may recall how an “Uncaught Java Exception” (aka error) on my WildFruit smartphone caused me considerable concern recently. After removing the battery to reset the phone, the back cover of my WildFruit would no longer fasten on properly, necessitating a replacement.

This afternoon, over one week later and after much phoning, I took delivery . . . → Read More: P.S. To Smartphone Story