My thanks to all of you who have given such wonderful feedback!

"Terry Marsh has been my coach for the past nine months. During this time I have found him to be a very genuine and approachable person. I think that what makes Terry such a good coach is the combination of his professional training and his own personal experiences that he brings with him to the sessions as well as his desire to help other people realise their potential. He has helped me to build up enough confidence and motivation to begin building a successful business. He has also provided a large amount of practical help and advice on how to achieve this, from helping me with setting up a virtual office to taking the time to evaluate and provide feedback on my web site and sales letters. Terry is also helping me to get the right life balance. Before I started this process all my goals were related to work and study Terry has helped me realise that whilst these things are certainly important they should not be placed before health and happiness. Although this seems obvious to me now, it was something that I had been neglecting for at least the past couple of years. I now feel that I am making good progress in getting this balance right. I am certain that even after this process is complete that I will continue to remain friends with Terry for many years to come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his help and to wish him every success in his career as a coach.
Kelvin Weekes, Sittingbourne, Kent

“A truely excellent, motivating [coaching] session.
Hilary Robertson, Hitchin, Herts.

“Fabulous - Terry makes me address issues I've been ducking for years.”
John Tuck, Maldon, Essex

“I really enjoyed being coached by Terry.
Evlyn Locke, Southampton, Hants.

“I really picked up some learnings - [Terry] geared the session to me ... lightbulb moments re understanding blocks and beliefs.
Amanda Adams, Arundel, West Sussex.

“Good rapport, felt relaxed and [that we] had a lot in common. Terry has good empathy. The information he gave was very useful.
Yvonne Bleakley, Aldridge, West Midlands.

“Outstanding performance and ability to pinpoint the issues I hadn't even noticed!
Susanne Seiler, Vallentuna, Sweden.

“Terry is an excellent writer. He is able to take complex issues and put them across in clear, concise and compelling language that makes a real impact with the reader. The help he has given me in editing articles prior to publication has been invaluable and I would highly recommend his services.”
Kerry Lee, UK Sales Director, VCSTIMELESS

“I was impressed by Terry's attention to detail - a vitally important trait in his profession ... I found Terry easy to communicate with and I particularly like his ethics and attitude towards his business colleagues. Terry is the consummate professional.”
Carol Bentley, Managing Director, Promote Your Business

“Having known Terry for a little while now, he will impress you with his kind manner, thoughtfulness and keen eye to detail.”
Sally Taylor, Director at 2dee Ltd and Founder of Environmental Population

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