Word Of The Week: Odious

Two words for the price of one this week.

Odious (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/odious)

  1. deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable.
  2. highly offensive; repugnant; disgusting.


  1. abominable, objectionable, despicable, execrable. See hateful.
  2. loathsome, repellent, repulsive.

Our delightful second daughter is really into history at the moment. Recently, she has taken to carrying a huge history book to school with her every day. And this morning, she demonstrated her love of the subject once again - in a rather comical way.

She said that she had enjoyed watching a great film about the Greeks and Odious (sic)! After bending my mind round this for a moment (I was still waking up), I asked her if she meant Odyssey. Yes, she did.

With this little gem and its subsequent explanation to carry us along, our odyssey (aka walk to school) this morning was not at all odious!

For the record, here are definitions (from Merriam-Webster online) for the word odyssey:


  1. a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
  2. an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

P.S. My daughter might have been thinking of Odysseus - which sounds even more like 'odious'!

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